Clicker Trainer

The Clicker can be used up-close or from a distance and is suitable for all dogs, no matter what their age.

Also included is a manual showing you how to train your dog using the clicker technique.

Treats Included.

Clicker Training

Clicker Training Kit

Includes everything you need to clicker-train a dog:

  • Coachies Target Stick
  • Coachies Multi-Clicker
  • Treat Bag
  • Free packet of Coachies Training Treats
  • Comprehensive Training Guide
  • Clicker Training Kit

    Multi Training Clicker

    Multi Training Clicker

    Pro Dog Trainer
    Super Pro Dog Trainer

    For dogs up to 20kg (Pro) and over 20kg (Super Pro)

    Teaches basic obedience and corrects behavioural problems.

    Pro Dog Trainer

    Dog Training Discs

    Set of behavioural training discs and full instruction manual


    Dog Training Discs

    Clix Treat Bag

  • Separate zipped compartment
  • Multi-Clicker, Target Stick and Whistle holders
  • Three stylish colours - red, purple and camouflage
  • Clix Treat Bag

    Coachies Training Treats

  • Small, palatable and calorie conscious
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Wheat, gluten and GM free
  • Coachies Training Treats

    Multi-Purpose Whistle

    A good all-round whistle perfect for the pet dog owner and professional alike. Made from tough steel, yet a lightweight design providing a clear, strong whistle.

  • Lightweight design
  • Strong, clear whistle
  • Multi-purpose Whistle

    Acme Sonec Working Dog Whistles

    The Acme Sonec Working Dog Whistle is produced with a solid waterproof pea to give a high tone providing a distinctive trill.

    210.5 and 211.5

    Working Dog Whistle

    Traditional Canvas Training Dummies


    Canvas Dummies

    Target Stick

  • Telescopic Target Stick
  • Soft rubber bulb
  • Extends to 70cm
  • The telescopic Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training. A soft rubber bulb provides a visual target to guide the dog.

    The Target Stick extends to a 70cm wand and retracts to a convenient 15cm for transport in your pocket or the Treat Bag.

    Target Stick

    Professional Web Lead

    In five lengths from 6ft to 30ft

    Professional Web Lead

    House Line

  • Lightweight
  • 2 metres long
  • Stops bad behaviours
  • Free training guide
  • Facilitates puppy training
  • Houseline

    Pet Corrector

    Snakes, insects and birds such as geese use the hiss sound to drive off predators and our domesticated pets have the same sensitivity to this sound. The Pet Corrector emits an inert gas (like fresh air) which mimics this hiss sound to interrupt undesirable behaviour.

    Situations in which the Pet Corrector can be used will of course vary, however, key uses can include:

  • Unwanted barking
  • Jumping up
  • Stealing food
  • Place avoidance
  • Aggression
  • Available in two sizes
  • FREE training guide included

    Pet Corrector

    Aboistop Anti-Bark Collar

  • Stops excessive barking
  • Kind and humane
  • Recommended by vets, behaviourists and trainers
  • Suitable for most breeds
  • The Aboistop anti-bark collar stops excessive barking.

    Triggered automatically by the dog’s bark, the collar emits a harmless spray under the chin, surprising and immediately distracting the dog so the barking stops.

    Aboistop Anti-Bark Collar

    Masterplus-PRO Spray Training Collar

  • Stops unwanted behaviour
  • Kind and humane
  • Surprises and distracts from a distance
  • Waterproof
  • Range of up to 300 metres
  • Recommended by vets, behaviourists and trainers
  • A truly miraculous training system for correcting unwanted behaviours.

    MasterPlus Pro invokes the element of surprise with a remote controlled spray activated at the instant the undesirable behaviour occurs. It acts on three of the dog's senses: sound from the hiss, touch from the spray and sight from the mist.

    Crucially, the spray cannot be associated with the owner who may be up to 300 metres away but only with the dog's behaviour. Once the dog has been distracted, it is easy to show what you would prefer him to do instead and then reward.

    The MasterPlus Pro is ideal for resolving many behavioural problems such as aggression, chasing, stealing and recall issues. The MasterPlus Pro kit contains the collar unit, remote control, batteries, a refill canister, carry case and instruction booklet.

    Masterplus-Pro Training Collar

    PAVLOV Spray Collar Refills

  • Suitable for all makes of anti bark and remote dog training spray products

  • Each 75ml can has approximately 200 sprays
  • Pavlov refills can be used to fill all makes of anti bark and remote dog spray training collars.

    Pavlov Refills

    Bark Control

    Uses safe, humane static correction to effectively control nuisance barking. The correction level increases with each successive bark up to the maximum level.

    Bark Control

    Anti-Bark Spray Collar Kit

    Humane conditioning solution designed to stop nuisance barking.

    Anti-Bark Spray Collar Kit

    Spray Commander Kit

    The ideal training system to educate dogs or to correct behavioural problems.

    Spray Commander Kit
    Spray Commander Kit

    Radio Fence

    Ideal for any size garden up to 5 acres.

    When the dog reaches the boundary fence he first hears a warning tone and then a mild static correction if he tries to cross the boundary.

    Audible alarms sounds if wire broken.

    Also useable with cats

    Radio Fence

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