Natural Leather Range

The elegance and resilience of natural leather in a range of leads and collars worthy of your dog. The Natural range is available in various colours and also in a hand-woven model and with a chain for greater strength.

Natural Leather Range

VIP Leads and Collars

A high-quality range of leads and collars in fine leather, guaranteeing excellent durability and resilience without compromising on style. Available in various lengths and colours.

VIP Leads and Collars

Arena Leads and Collars

The chrome studs give the Arena lead unmistakable elegance, while the soft padding makes the handle of the lead and the inside of the collar even more comfortable and safe.

Arena Leads and Collars

Whippet Collars

Whippet Collars
Whippet Collars

Professional Web Lead

In five lengths from 6ft to 30ft

Professional Web Lead

Single Lead

• Ultra strong soft weave nylon with secure edge technology

• Easy release zinc die cast trigger hook

• Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green & Patterned

Single Fog Lead

Double Lead

• Ideal for the larger dog

• Made from extremely strong double thickness nylon

• Easy release zinc die cast trigger hook

• Available in Black, Red, Blue or Green

Double Dog Lead

6ft Lead

• Made from nylon and adjustable to give a choice of
freedom on a long lead or control on a short lead

• Available in Black, Red or Blue

6ft Dog Lead

Single Collar

• Ultra strong soft nylon with die cast buckle

• Solid D ring guarantees strength when lead is attached

• Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green & Patterned

Single Dog Collar

Adjustable Collar

• Ideal for growing dogs

• Made from ultra strong nylon with a strong ergonomically designed buckle

• Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green & Patterned

Adjustable Dog Collar

Combi Collar

• Adjustable part choke chain, part strong nylon collar

• To be worn only with a lead
• Available in Black, Red, Blue or Green

Combi Dog Collar


• Ideal for walking two dogs

• Two easy to release zinc die cast trigger hooks & welded ring



• The ideal harness for walking

• Ultra strong soft nylon webbing ensures comfort

• Adjustable to give precise fit

• Available in Black, Red, Blue or Green

Dog Harness

Gentle Leader

Unlike other headcollars the Gentle Leader....
• Has an adjustable nose loop for a custom fit.
• Won’t come off over the dog’s head – no need for safety straps or awkward double-leashing.
• Converts to a regular collar for greater flexibility.
• Offers unsurpassed quality!

Gentle Dog Leader

Luxury Padded Nylon Lead

19mm wide 1m long
25mm wide 1m long
• Available in Black, Red & Blue


Luxury Padded Handle Dog Lead

Luxury Padded Nylon Collar

19mm wide 35cm-50cm fit
25mm wide 40cm-60cm fit
• Available in Black, Red & Blue

Luxury Padded Dog Collar

Heavy Chain Lead with Padded Handle

25mm wide 1m long
• Available in Black, Red & Blue


Heavy Chain Dog Lead

Extra Heavy Chain with Padded Handle

25mm wide 45cm long
• Available in Black, Red & Blue


Extra Heavy Chain Dog Lead

Flexi Comfort Leads

Corded lead extendible up to 5 meters in sizes for dogs up to 20kg, 35kg and 60kg.

Flexi Comfort Leads

Rope and Slip Leads

Various types
8mm/10mm/12mm diameter
1.2 and 1.5 metres in length

Rope and Slip Leads

Buffalo Leads


No picture available

Flashing Safety Leads and Collars

CANAC flashing safety leads and collars have been developed to provide high visibility for both dog and owner when out walking at night or in poor light. The matching leads and collars comprise not only micro LED lights on a flexible metal conducting strip, which is then encapsulated in a waterproof casing, but also an integral reflective strip running along its length – thus providing the ultimate in reliability and visibility.

Available in red, blue and black the padded handle one metre leads are available in three widths and matching collars are available in the same widths and three different lengths to suit all sizes of dog. Batteries are included and last for up to 70 hours. Replacement batteries are also available.

Flashing Safety Lead and Collar

Flashing K9 Lites

Protect your dog in the dark with a flashing, reflective K9 Lite. Both innovative and durable K9 Lites have been designed to be used as a secondary collar, ideal to put on when taking your dog out in poor light or at night.

Visible from over 300m K9 Lites not only have ultra bright micro LED flashing lights they are also made from a fluorescent, reflective sparkle material which has raised prisms and reflects light from all directions.

Easy to adjust and fit around your dogs neck K9 Lites are available in two sizes; Small and Medium/Large. Batteries are included and replacement batteries are also available.

Flashing K9 Lites

HALTI Headcollar

  • Kind control
  • Stops pulling
  • Calms boisterous behaviour
  • Simplifies training
  • Corrects misbehaviours
  • Allows freedom to pant and yawn
  • On-off action to close biters jaws
  • Approved by vets and canine experts
  • Free 20 page training guide
  • Halti Headcollar

    HALTI Dog Harness

  • Stops your dog pulling
  • Forward control for walking, training and rehabilitation
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Comfortable, padded design
  • Free training guide
  • Halti Harness

    Non-Pull Harness by Sporn

    The Non-Pull Harness is very easy to use and simple to fit.

    The elastic web and mesh that cover the dog's chest stretch and give with his natural movement. This allows maximum comfort for the dog, whilst giving the handler total control.

    Fabric "Sherpa Sleeves" provide extra comfort to eliminate rubbing.

    Available in black, sizes Small, Medium and Large.

    Patent Pending.

    Non-Pull Harness

    Stop Pull Harness

    Small, Medium, Large

    Stop Pull Harness

    HALTI Training Lead

  • Versatile and simple to use
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Free Training Guide
  • Halti Training Lead

    Gencon All-In-One

    Lets you walk with ease, helping to control the most excitable strong dogs, gently. It puts you back in control and is an aid to stopping
    your dog pulling.

    When your dog pulls, both loops tighten and it restricts the whole head, the dog backs off from the restriction - STOPS PULLING.

    It will NOT pull up into your dogs eyes.

    The All-in-1 is made to walk your dog on the LEFT.

    Gencon All In One

    Gencon Head Collar

    To find the size - Place a piece of tape over the dogs muzzle, take it round and cross under the chin then take it round the back of the head (all in one piece.) Add a couple of inches to allow for putting on and taking off easily.

    The action is the same as the All-in-1, but you require a lead. You can buy one to match.

    Make sure the All-in-1 or Headcollar is fitted correctly and that it is slackening when the pressure is taken off the lead. Only GENTLE pressure is needed - DO NOT JERK

    Gencon Headcollar

    Nylon Fabric Muzzle

    Soft and flexible. Adjustable strap with quick fit catch. Inhibits chewing and barking but allows panting and drinking.

    13 Sizes

    Nylon Fabric Muzzle

    Baskerville Muzzle

  • Humane, comfortable, safe
  • Permits panting and drinking
  • Made from soft plastic mesh
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Baskerville Muzzle

    Dog Parking

    For use outside shops, vets or your house if you have a lot of four legged visitors

    Dog Parking

    Spiral Tie Out Stakes

    Spiral Tie Out Stakes

    Tie Out Cable


    Tie Out Cable

    Round Sewn Collars

    Various sizes

    Round Sewn Collars

    Extra Heavy Choke Chains

    Various sizes

    Heavy Duty Choke Chains

    Rosewood Deluxe Car Harness

    Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    Dog Car Harness

    Mini Spot Tag Bone

    Waterproof motion activated SPOTtag. Only works in darkness and when animal is in motion. Visible to 400 metres, super tough but weighs only 2 ounces.

    Mini Spot Tag Bone

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